Seaweed America is a Chilean company that exports a wide variety of seaweeds. We can provide dried and/or chopped seaweed in different sizes (granulometry) depending on your requirements.

We are direct suppliers and we have our own seaweed processing plants with a total area of 30,000 m2, where sorting, cleaning, natural drying, grinding and classification take place. We have two processing plants, located in the south and center of our country; this guarantees a steady supply of raw material.

Our company respects and cares for the environment, for this, we work closely with government agencies that regulate the extraction, processing and export of seaweed.

We specialize in brown seaweed: Lessonia nigrescens, Lessonia trabeculata, Durvillaea antarctica and Macrocystis integrifolia / pyrifera, with a monthly production over 400 MT, acquiring all the seaweed from our coasts, which are influenced by the cold waters of the Humboldt Current, this contributes to the quality of the alginate.

If your company needs one of our products or any other species of seaweed (green or red) or have a special requirement, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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